Johnston Benchworks

Johnston Benchworks is a family-owned company with a commitment to the notion that upholstered furniture should be visually appealing, comfortable, durable, and unique as its owner. Our philosophy and traditions continue to be shaped by our Appalachian Mountain heritage, where furniture making is a highly-skilled craft, handed down from generation to generation.

In our community, hand crafted quality workmanship is a source of family pride. Each piece of our furniture is still made by hand, its character shaped by our craftsmen. There's nothing "mass-produced" about Johnston Benchworks -- every piece is treated as a special-order, made the way you want it. Johnston Benchworks makes the best quality American country upholstered furniture in the industry.

We have a wonderfully unique collection of fabrics and we tailor them to the highest standards of the industry. Fabrics are flow-matched (not just matched) to show the full-uninterrupted pattern on the item, a trademark of high-end upholstered furniture. Welts (cording) are cut diagonally on the pattern, creating an appealing accent on the lines of the item. American Heritage Crafters staff is so confident in our craftsmanship that they sometimes send us C.O.M. (customer’s own material) for us to cut, sew and upholster on their orders. We truly are special order specialists.

Since we build our own frames, stock all our own fabrics, and because we are willing to make what you want, we can create unique pieces for your home that reflect your own tastes. We offer most styles in several standard sizes (chair, chair-and-a-half, settle, sofa), and we can make custom lengths (including extra-long sofas) in some frame styles. You can choose the leg finish on most items with exposed wood. We have many seat cushion options. We can apply several fabrics on one item; just tell the American Heritage Crafters staff what you want where. We build our own frames. Nobody builds a better frame than Johnston Benchworks. If the frame is not strong, the piece will not serve the customer well for very long. We use 1” thickness select Appalachian maple hardwoods in the main foundation of our frames (other manufacturers use 1” thickness poplar or plywood in their frames, materials of lesser strength). Each frame joint is double-doweled and glued to ensure durability. All four corners of the frame are secured by corner braces, screwed in place to keep the frames square and strong. Legs are built into the frame (with the exception of some decorative feet). Johnston Benchworks builds seat spring systems the way the best furniture makers do, using 8-way hand-tied coil springs. Heat-tempered heavy gauge double-cone coil springs are fastened to a strong webbing material covering the bottom of the frame, reinforced with steel bands. These individual springs are tied together by hand with tough polyester rope to form a spring network that is soft enough for a child to feel the benefit of the spring action yet strong enough to carry a large person without bottoming out. Then we lay a synthetic fiber pad over the top of the coil springs network and cover it with a neutral, nonabrasive decking material. Our standard seat cushion is composed of environmentally friendly polyurethane foam that gives initial softness and deep support, with soft fiber on the top and bottom sewn in a protective ticking fabric. Each seat cushion is engineered to best suit the frame style, but if you wish, you can change the cushions to Spring-Down, Spring-Fiber or other optional cushion constructions for a reasonable up charge. Our most valuable assets are our employees. It takes years to master the skills necessary to make upholstered furniture of Johnston Benchworks’ quality.

Each step in producing our furniture must be done right, to assure the finished product meets our standards of quality. We are fortunate to have so many skilled craftsmen as long-time employees, who are happy to spend their careers with us. Johnston Benchworks is a company of people committed to making wonderful furniture you will be proud to own.